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ADC Average Length of Stay Benefits Percent Caseload Expectations Computed Caseloads Crisis Care Percent Served Days Cash on Hand Days in AP Days in AR Debt to Equity Development to Return Ratio Development Signature Programs Direct Labor % of All Labor Direct Labor NPR Direct Labor PD Direct Patient Related Expenses NPR Direct Patient Related Expenses PD Facility Mix Percentage Facility Related Facility Team Patient Days Percent Indirect Labor Marketing Incentive Median Length of Stay Mileage Rate Net Operational Income Net Revenue PD Operational Costs Organizational Net Income % of Hospice Homecare Net Revenue Revenue to Payroll Dollar Segment Indirect Percent Net Revenue Segment Net Income The Role of Financial Reserves Total Indirect Volunteer Level of Activity What is Net Patient Revenue What is The Model




New Features for 17.0 Benchmarking System Overview

Management Application

Update via F9 Update via Import Controls Controls with F9 Controls with Import Vendor Report Lineup Logic Account Lineup Trial Balance F9 Analyze Allocation Table Upload Automatic Upload Manual Executive Facts % of Net revenue Patient-Day Report Indirect Cost Cost Engineering Visit Design Tab Visit Costs Locations Tab Alerts Utility Results CAP Calculators MA Lineup Summary

Benchmarking Application

BA Install BA Query Window Executive Overview Executive Dashboard Quality Analysis Vendor Report Model Report Hospice Visits Report Percent Related Reports Indirect Costs Balance Sheet Reports Using Alerts Color Coding

Decision Dashboard

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Model Maker

Model Maker

The Model Maker is a fantastic educational utility with built in ranges on Caseloads; survey results on Hourly Pay Rates; historical data for Visits per Day and Visit Durations; % of Net Revenue amounts from the Benchmarking System; built in Alerts from our years of consulting with Hospice programs. Fully interactive functionality has been built in to provide perspective on What-If scenarios. Tons of individual calculators are fused together to provide either quick "on the run" calculations as well as in depth data analysis by emulating your Hospice program. This is a precursor for our fully integrated version where MVIB can take the results of your existing Hospice Financial Management Application (MA) work and create your customized Hospice Model Maker. We hope this free utility is a blessing to your Hospice and we thank the hundreds of Hospices that we have had the privilege of serving to bring this data together.

Please note that changes to the default amounts will not be saved!

CAP Calculator

CAP Calculator

Medicare Capitation (CAP) is and always should be an area of concern for Hospice programs. Nothing shuts the door on a program like having to pay back a lot of cash. With this in mind, Multi-View Benchmarking created the Aggregate CAP Test calculator to allow clients quickly ballpark their CAP position.

Hospice - The "Green" Option

Green Option

Doesn't Hospice save Medicare with each patient served? Couldn't we greatly increase the number of deaths served? How much could the Average Reimbursement Rate be increased before Hospice actually was not saving the government money? These are some of the questions that this built in utility is designed to answer. We are all Hospice advocates and hope this utility will assist to illustrate some of the tremendous savings that Hospice provides to our country.

MedPAC Comparison Model

MedPAC Comparison Model

We have created a MedPAC Model to help Hospices evaluate the impact of the changes to the Medicare Hospice Benefit as proposed by MedPAC. The utility is flexible and dynamic. Simply highlight and enter your Hospice's amounts and percentages (in patient-days) or use the up/down buttons to adjust the parameters.

Model Visit Calculator

Model Visit Calc

All Hospices practice some model of care-giving, whether they formalize that model or not. The real trick in running a Hospice is making sure the care model is consistent with best practices, quality care, and, most importantly, the financial realities now facing. This utility is designed to help review this most important aspect Hospice.

Hospice Summary Cost - Percent of Net Revenue

Percentage of Net Revenue

This utility is designed to help a Hospice develop an understanding of Percent of Net Revenue summary costs. Start by clicking on the summary points such as Patient-Related Expense and review the bar graph on the right. Use the % Net Revenue Adjustment sliders to experiment with different percentage mixes. Lastly, update the ADC and Net Rev Per Patient-Day cells to emulate your Hospice program. This utility may be downloaded into PowerPoint and included in existing presentations. Use slide show view in PowerPoint to utilize the various controls.

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