Days in AP - Multi-Pedia

Days in Accounts Payable = Period Days / Accounts Payable Turnover.

This tells, on average, how long it takes to pay a bill. This is NOT a perfect analysis of the number of days in payables.

Measurement Average Acceptable Excellent
Days in Accounts Payable 28 25

If your number appears odd, check and make sure your Pass-Through EXPENSE is being included in the calculation.

AP Turnover The calculation is Total Operational Cost* (minus Pass-Through Revenue, Operational Salaries and Depreciation), divided by (Accounts Payable, Unvouchered AP, Accrued Contract IP Beds and Accrued Nursing Home R&B).

Measures how liquid AP is for the current year.

*Please note that Operational Costs do not include Extracurricular Programs, Interest or Development.


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