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What is The Model?

The Model™... is a management approach for the modern Hospice organization. The Model™ helps create a high-quality, predictable Hospice experience that is financially balanced and is thus sustainable. The Model™ begins with the front-lines of care and works backwards to areas and functions that support the patient/family experience .

In other words,

The Model is the intentional design of a Hospice culture that simultaneously balances purpose and financial realities to create a sustainable World Class experience.

The Four Areas of Design Work

At the heart of the Model are four areas of design work that are essential to truly successful Model implementation. They are:

The first three of these areas (Team, Visit and Product Design) focus on patients and families since this is the heart of what we do. The design of Supporting Services is important as these functional areas are necessary to serve the people on the front-lines of care, providing help and assistance to make the provision of care possible. When a Model is properly implemented, it results in superior Hospice care that is balanced. As we dream about "what" and "how" Hospice care can be provided, the Model tools give us a great indication of the financial implications of our design choices.

If you would like more information or have questions about The Model Hospice management approach or its implementation, click here to go to the MVI website for contact information.


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