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Organizational Net Income $ (Thousands)

This is the Net Income for the entire program including IP Unit(s), Palliative Care Programs, Extracurricular Programs, Investments and Development.

Many Hospices wonder where their bottom-line went. It is many times lost in the "extra-curricular programs". Here are some of the most common:

The question to ask is "Can we afford it?" The economic question must always be answered. Many Hospices fail to properly segregate these costs and therefore distort their financial picture. These programs must be quantified.

Consider this: If our Hospice is getting a 10 or 15% operational profit margin, a portion of the money can be spent on these "extra" programs. In addition, these programs are a great place to use community support. These programs create "fundraising opportunities". These extras give the community a clearly designated purpose for giving.


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