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Management Application (MA)

Version 23


Instructions Tab

Added troubleshooting utility buttons.

Updated HIS and CAHPS measures to the current set.

User Notes Tab

Added a new tab for keeping a log of notes. Useful when collaborating with people or to keep history.

Patient-Days Report

Updated the header to make datapoints easier to read.

System Wide

Updated comments for clarity.

Fixed formatting inconsistencies.

Updated printing of reports to have the date when printed.

Fixed an issue with Excel 2021 when using the New Window Excel feature.

EBITDA fixes.


Fixed an issue with the "Clear Old Import Data" button doing too good of a job and clearing the cells Unlocked property. This would result in being able to clear the Import but not paste a new one into place.

Minor fixes when Excel is set to Automatic Calculation:

The F9 Stat Converter runs faster with automatic calculation turned on.

Changing a Business Segment's Type when not using the Advanced Business Segments wasn't showing the changed segment type on reports with automatic calculation turned on.


Minor fix for converting from base V21 MA.


Major Version Release

New Features

Converter Rework:

One converter handles converting from V17, V21, and older or equivalent V23.

It is no longer required to have the old MA open to perform the conversion.

You now have the capability of choosing where the finished file will save. The default is the location of the old MA.

Drill-Down Rework:

The Drill-Down is more focused.

Reports with the Drill-Down button have been enhanced to make use of this utility.

Filter button has been enhanced: Report items containing multiple Types and Sub-Types rolled up can all be filtered for at the same time. Example: Looking at an RN item containing Direct, Contract, and Per Diem labor will show all of those on the Account Lineup after clicking the Filter button.

New Window Enhancement:

Excel has a powerful feature allowing you to create a New Window for multiple views within the same file. It does, however, lose the view settings including the freeze panes when used. That is why we added logic within the MA to apply all the neccessary view settings to any newly created window.

To try it for yourself, go to the View tab at the top of Excel and click the New Window button.

Report Banding:

Banding (alternating color) has been added to the reports to make reading them even easier.

Account Lineup Enhancements:

Deleting accounts has been simplified. Select a cell on the row of the account(s) you wish to delete and click the Delete Selection button. The lineup and allocations for the account(s) will be removed. Make use of the Sort button afterwards to fill in the gaps.

New Add Missing button which will check the Import Tie-Out for any accounts not present on the Account Lineup and add them to the bottom of the Account Lineup.

The Account and Description columns may be resized between two preset widths by clicking <--> (Expand) and >--< (Collapse).

Enhanced F9 Support:

When performing F9 Analyze on the Account Lineup, you can now use the Current Sheet option.

Added what we call Analyze Assistant. After clicking Analyze Now, the MA will obtain the GL Amounts, apply a filter, break the account numbers into their segments, and provides a button to quickly filter for missing accounts.

Detailer Enhancements:

Added more fine control views to see only the Financial Amounts, NPR%, and Patient-Day Amounts.

New Modeling Utility for experimenting with your modeling or clearing out old amounts to start over. You can choose to clear the Allocations, Visit Design, and/or the Cost Engineering.


The Advanced Allocations have been increased from 4 to 15 segments.

Segment Style:

Version 21 introduced the capability to set a custom color to the Business Segments. Version 23 allows you to set the font color.

Upload Buttons:

A new Upload button has been added to the Controls. This "E-Mail Full MA" button will send the entire MA file to us.

The legacy Upload file logic has been reworked to make the uploads much smaller than before.

Business Segment Order Utility:

For those making use of the Advanced Business Segments logic, this utility empowers you to easily move your segments around. Previously you had to manually move the Stats on the Controls, your Allocation and Model amounts on the Detailer, and your amounts on the Visits report. Make use of this utility, choose the order you wish the segments to be in and let it take care of the rest.

Many other optimizations, enhancements, and fixes.

Version 21


This is anticipated to be the last update to Version 21 as we move towards releasing Version 23.

Report standardization has been applied across all reports to improve clarity of the data.

Minor fix for the Drill-Down being able to crash when trying to double click an account beyond what is currently filtered.


Added a button on the Instructions sheet to fix F9 Stat Formulas on the Controls sheet.

Added code to run when a client performs a F9 Analyze:

  • Compatible with F9 Versions 5, 5.5, and 6.
  • Automatically adds the GL Formula.

  • Adds a Filter.

  • Adds a button to filter for only accounts that are missing, duplicated, and have financial amounts. Click again to show all.

  • Automatically performs a Text to Columns to break the accounts into their segments.


Enhanced the Period Specifier:

  • Extra spaces are trimmed.

  • Works with Lower Case

  • Year to Date fully typed out

  • Three letter abbreviated Month

  • For F9 users, Change and Net Change

Reworked the Account Lineup sorter coding for a bug fix.

Reworked events on the Account Lineup and Detailer to allow more actions to not empty the Undo/Redo stack.

Increased the usable range of the Import from Column Q to Z.

Updated the EBITDA comments throughout the system.

Added resiliency logic for the Import sheet to fix its range in the event rows are deleted. Runs at startup.


Minor fixes were making it look as if more major things were taking place. Moved to "Release.Major.Minor" Versioning convention so minor fixes are reflected as such instead of incrementing the "Major" number spot.

Added a field for entering Non-NQF-Endorsed HCI HIS Score for use with Version 22 Benchmarking Application.

Fixed spelling on the Modeling Report.

Benchmarking Application (BA)

Version 24


Major Version Release

New Features

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

*New* Top Cost Savings report section on the Executive Dashboard tab

*New* Cost Savings report section on the Direct and Indirect comparison report tabs.

Direct Report

Combined all the NPR% and Patient-Day reports - now called the Direct tab.

Combined all segments, now all found within the Direct tab.


Updated CAHPS and HIS measures. Please update to MA V23.0.3 to be able to use.

Updated the visuals of the graphs and comments to make them easier to read.

Home Health has been separated from Palliative Care amounts. Note: If you have both, the system currently will only show your Home Health.

Company Name support increased to 40 characters.

We look forward to more feedback from our clients to continue improving the system. Thank you!

Version 22


Updated the BA to work with the new database.


Updated the Check for Updates button to notify if there is a new version rather than take you to the BA Download page to determine.

New section will show when there is an update available and provides a button to download and a button to look at the Changelog.

Added the version of the BA to the Perform Query window.


IP Unit Bed Count Your Rank was inverted.

For the NPR and Patient-Day reports, the line item Triage has been updated to Call Center to reflect with the latest MA version.

Fixed an uncommon issue where trying to access the BA template file, mvi.xlsx, after generating a report with the Query window still open would result in an error that it is locked in a process. This issue only affects those with the BA installed on a machine with multiple users using it at the same time.


Minor fix for the template not showing the criteria used when generating the reports.


Added new area for IP Unit Bed count as well as a re-worked Executive Dashboard Organization section.

Brought further enhancements to the BA template to provide Your Rank alerting to reports that didn't have it yet.

Added Color Alerting for the Model report bringing a comparision of Your Data against Your Model in the same fashion as the DD.

Added report banding (Alternating row colors) with an option to turn it off on the Instructions sheet.


Updated the BA's Template file for much better clarity and standardization of the reports.


Internally found and fixed a minor bug fix for an extremely rare crash.


Major Reworks improving performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Smoother installation process with an installer package 4% Version 21's size.

Report generation up to 4.5x faster.

*New* Queued Queries tab to speedup generation of reports commonly used.

*New* Alerts Results Report for easier to read Alerts and Exclusions.

Decision Dashboard (DD)

Version 21


Minor fix for Version 17 MA DD Uploads.


Minor fix to ensure V21 MA DD Uploads could still process with other code names.


Decision Dashboard (DD) Demo

Ported the Flash version of the Decision Dashboard to an Excel based version.

New version now allows current modifications to be saved for when the end of the day comes or historical purposes.