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Crisis Care % Served

Enter the percent of patient-days for Crisis Care patients served compared with all homecare patient-days.

Continuous Care (Crisis Care Program)

One of the current trends for the savvy Hospice is to really provide Continuous Care. The fact is, most Hospices don't, due to the staffing involved and the pitfalls of meeting the criteria in order to get paid. However, many Hospices are taking a new view on the subject and consider it an opportunity rather than something that is not practical to provide. Some Hospices have as much as 20% of their total patient days as Continuous Care. Do not think that this is some abuse of the Medicare Benefit. It has always been there and patients need it. That's why it was included when the Medicare Benefit was crafted. This part of Hospice is not going to go away. In the future, most Hospices will have a Continuous Care program just to remain competitive.


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